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We are your resource for news and advice on issues surrounding financial literacy for your entire household. Don’t just be aware get involved!

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  • Financial Developmental Stages

    As parents, it sometimes difficult to know what your child is capable of learning at a specific age.

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  • College Savings Options

    Depending on the number of children you have, paying for college could be the largest investment you ever make.

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  • Payment Calculators

    Need help figuring out exactly how much that car for your teen will cost?

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  • All in the family

    It used to be that talking about money was taboo, even within families. New research shows that kids who are part of a family discussion...

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  • DoYouRoo on Pinterest

    Do you Roo? Look on Pinterest for DoYouRoo for lots of ideas for your family, ranging from fun kid projects to tasty dishes taste tested by real famil...

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