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Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation

Millennials, whom we define as those ages 18-34 in 2015, now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). 

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A record 60.6 million Americans live in multigenerational households

In recent years, young adults have been the age group most likely to live in multigenerational households (previously, it had been older adults).

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DoYouRoo on Pinterest

Do you Roo? Look on Pinterest for DoYouRoo for lots of ideas for your family, ranging from fun kid projects to tasty dishes taste tested by real families like yours.

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All in the Family

It used to be that talking about money was taboo, even within families. New research shows that kids who are part of a family discussion about money and budgeting are more successful in managing their own finances.

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Featured Stories

Feeding Bees and your Family

Bees pollinate plants. Plants produce food and oxygen for all animals, including humans. Simply put, manpower will never be enough to produce all of the food humans need without the help of bees.

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Valentines on a Budget

Do you remember when you were in school? The excitement of Valentine's day and seeing if your crush left you a special valentine.

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Health and Finances

In February of 2019, CNBC did a story on the real cause of bankruptcy in the US. The answer? Approximately 2/3 of all bankruptcies are due to unexpected healthcare expenses. You're probably thinking, "I've got insurance. I'm fine." Oftentimes, insurance looks better than the coverage you get.

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Holiday Traditions Near and Far

From the North American standard of Santa Claus coming down the chimney to a witch in clogs to eating a bucket of KFC to a book exchange, holiday traditions are as varied around the world as the cultures that created them.

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